Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Photos from the Past

Phil Sheridan Post #7, San Jose, California

Phil Sheridan Post #7, Grand Army of the Republic, San Jose, California, 1899. Photograph and information submitted by Sebastian Nelson , Department Historian, Department of California and Pacific, SUVCW.

Phil Sheridan Post #7, San Jose, California
1st Row: Hayes, Morgan, Burgess, Cooper, Close, Henderson, Galbreath, Hoyt, Smith, Ellison, Blakeslee
2nd Row: Delihanty, Hellen, Lamaire, Bassett, Woodfull, Hite, Schwartz, Breman, Olmstead, Whlte, Pitman
3rd Row: Cornwald, Oswold, Horton, Nichols, Clark, Wyman, Carpenter, Lowe, Emser, Corothers, Lashbrook
4th Row: Rich, Hogue, Wothen, Likens, Butter, Burdick, Jones, Wall, Costello, Williams

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