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Philip Hinkle

Philip Hinkle was born in West Virginia on January 7, 1844. Philip enlisted in the 8th West Virginia Mounted Infantry in June 1863. The 8th Mounted Infantry later became the 7th West Virginia. Philip's brother, Nathan, served in the Confederate States of America 22nd Virginai Infantry under the command of Colonel George S. Patton, and, it is said that the brothers' regiments fought against each other at the Battle Of Droop Mountain, West Virginia. Philip was discharged on May 1, 1865. Philip was elected to the West Virginia Legislature in 1909. He died on April 4, 1930.

Photograph and information submitted by Philip Hinkle's great great grandson, Clyde "Butch" Willard Antietam Camp #3, Maryland Department, SUVCW.

Philip Hinkle

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