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Eben E. Smith

Eben E. Smith enlisted in Company C, 26th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry on October 11, 1862 at the age of 18. He mustered out on August 17, 1863 in Bangor, Maine. He took some time off and then enlisted in Company A, 11th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry on February 22, 1864. He was wounded on August 16, 1864 at Deep Bottom Run, Virginia and received a disability discharge on May 27, 1865. The surgeon noted that he had an amputation of the right thigh on account of gunshot facture and subsequent necrosis of the femur, he suffered 3 amputations to his right leg. In Eric Carver M.D.'s paper "Orthopaedics During the Civil War," on page 6, he states that there were 66 Union soldiers who had an amputation at the hip joint. Of those 66 cases, 55 resulted in death, for a 88% fatality rate. After the war. Eben was a comrade of the John M. Read Post #155, Wisconsin. He lived until August 19, 1921. Eben had four brothers who also served: James M. Smith of the Company C, 18th Regiment Maine Voluntter Infantry and also Company C, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery (he served as a color sergeant and was wounded at Petersburg, Virginia); Josiah H. Smith of Company M, 1st Maine Volunteer Cavalry; Zelman B. Smith (aka Charles A. Smith) of Company D, 11th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry (he was wounded at Bermuda Hundred, Virginia); and Seth T. Smith of Company A, 27th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. Photograph and information submitted by Eben E. Smith's great great grandnephew, Ed Norris, Commander, Willie Grout Camp #25, Worcester, Massachusetts, SUVCW.

Eben E. Smith

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