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Reunion of Yates Sharpshooters - 64th Illinois Regiment

Photograph is of the September 18, 1914 reunion of the Yates Sharpshooters, 64th Illinois Regiment that was held in Princeton, Illinois. Photograph and information provided by the Great Granddaughter of J.W. Whitcomb, Clara Whitcomb Atkins.

Reunion of Yates Sharpshooters - 64th Illinois Regiment, 1914

The individuals in the photograph below are as follows: 1. S.B. Howard, 2. H.C. Igou, 3. Jas. R. Thacker, 4. D.M. Wedding, 5. E. Ary, 6. S. Hoffman, 7. S.P. Cosner, 8. J.W. Whitcomb, 9. J.C. Gaier, 10. William G. Johnson, 11. Agustus Belknap, 12.J.S. Anson, 13. Nath'l Ary, 14. Ryan Ary, 15. S.W. Laughlin, 16. Jacob B. Adams, 17. Adam Piefer, 18. E.W. Doolittle, 19. Mrs. Jno. Anson, 20. Mrs. Nath'l. Ary, 21. Mrs. Mary R. Howard, 22. Ryan Ary, 23. Miss. A. Gertrude Merrill, and 24. Miss. Helen Mercer.

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