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Clark C. Kenyon, John J. Giffey, Volney Brown, Levi P. Blanchard, and Herman Giffey

The following two pictures of five Grand Army of the Republic veterans were taken at the 1916 Memorial Day ceremonies at Rosendale, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. The first picture (standing under a shade tree) was obtained in 1997 from The Village of Rosendale, Wisconsin 1847-1974, which was compiled by Harriet Scheid and Carrie Griffiths and published after the death of Mrs. Scheid (Ms. Betty Dahlke, granddaughter of Carrie Griffiths allowed the use of the photograph). Unfortunately, the veterans' hats and the shade of a tree obscured the faces of the men making it difficult to identify all of them. The second picture (in car) was discovered in 2001. It shows the same veterans in the same parade but this time in an open car, greatly facilitating identification (Glenna Giffey Moodie of Ripon, Wisconsin allowed the use of the second photograph). A brief description of the five Civil War veterans (left to right as seated in the car photograph) is presented below:

Photographs and information were submitted by Herman Giffey's grandson, Neil Giffey, of the Col. Henry Harnden Camp #2, Department of Wisconsin, SUVCW.

John J. Giffey (far left) and Herman Giffey (far right), 1916

(Left to right as viewed in the car): Clark Kenyon, John J. Giffey, Volney Brown at the wheel, Levi P. Blanchard, Herman Giffey. The residence in the background is immediately east of the UCC Church on Highway 23 in Rosendale, Wisconsin.

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