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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
New York Department Order No. 3
Series 2006-2007

Earl Allen
Department Commander
PO Box 41
Bridgewater, NY 13313


1.  I believe it is necessary and proper to call your attention to the following Sections of the Regulations of the National Order of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

     Article I; Section Seven: A Camp failing to pay per capita tax or NEGLECTING TO FORWARD REPORTS WITHIN THE TIME SPECIFIED BY LAW may be suspended by the Department Commander. Suspended Camps may be reinstated by forwarding reports and paying all arrears of per capita tax.

     The completed Form 22, Certification of Election and Installation of Camp Officers, was due February 15, 2007. I certainly hope that all Camps have complied with these requirements. The Department Secretary must file his report on time. He can not do this unless the Camps forward their reports to him on time.

      On January 13, 2007, the Department conducted a class in preparing reports and submitting them on time. All members of the New York Department were notified of this by Department Order No. 1, issued on 19 June, 2007. Therefore, more than enough notice was given. If for any reason a Camp Commander or Secretary could not make this meeting, he had plenty of time to name a representative.

      Therefore, by the authority granted me by Article I, Section 7 of the Regulations, any Camp that has not submitted Form 22, "Certification of Election and Installation of Camp Officers" that was due February 15th, shall have their Charter suspended until said report is filed.

      This Order shall also apply to Camps in teh New York Department who fail to file Form 27, Camp Annual Report, by April 30, 2007


ORDERED THE 24th DAY OF February 2007
Earl Allen, New York Department Commander



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