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Photo by Robert Pugsley

Gordon B Meldrum Monument in Mumford, NY


Birth:   Jul. 13, 1845
Livingston County
New York, USA
Death:   Sep., 1862
Virginia, USA
He enlisted in the Union Army on October 3 1861 at Caledonia NY and was just 17 years old when he died at notorious Libby Prison in VA. He was officially discharged on April 22 1863, although he died the previous September.

A loving tribute to the memory of
Gordon B. Meldrum
Who was a member of Co. B
100th NY Infantry Volunteers
War of the Rebellion
Born in Caledonia NY
July 13th 1845
Died in Libby Prison
Richmond VA
Sept. 1862
His life for his country

My brave lad he sleeps
In his faded coat of blue
In his lonely grave unknown
Lies the heart that beat so true
He sank, faint and hungry
Among the famished brave
And they laid him sad and lonely
Within his nameless grave
No more the bugle calls
The weary one
Rest noble spirit
In thy grave unknown
I shall find you and know you
Among the good and true
Where a robe of white is given
For the faded coat of blue.


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