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14th Brooklyn (14th NYSM - 84th NYVI)        

Learn about a Unit which portrays the famous Red Legged Devils,
by visiting the site of the 14th Regiment, NYSM, Co. E.

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56th NYVI, The Tenth Legion        

Find out about the organization which portrays
Orange County's Famous 56th NYVI, a part of the Tenth Legion,
through Battle Reenactment and Living History.

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69th New York State Volunteers         

Learn about The Fighting 69th, of the Famous Irish Brigade
by visiting the site of the 69th NY State Volunteers, Company A
and The 69th NYSV Historical Association.

                                                           "Faugh A Ballagh"


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122nd Regiment of New York State Volunteers

Visit the Site of This Syracuse Based Reenacting Unit
Which Portrays The  122nd NYVI, "The 3rd Onondaga Regiment."

     The 122nd was mustered into the Army of the Potomac as part of
     Sedgwick's Sixth Corps. While always in the 6th Corps, at different
     times during the war the regiment served with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd divisions.
     The 122nd was in 26 different engagements, and the regiment never lost a flag.


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124th New York Volunteer Infantry

Learn about the history of "The Orange Blossoms,"
     As Well as The Present-Day Re-Enactment Unit

     Men of Orange County - The Union is in Danger!
     Able Bodied Recruits 18 years of age or older are sought to fill the ranks

     of the 124th New York State Volunteers - the famed "Orange Blossoms"
     to quell the rebellion and restore the Union.


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155th New York Volunteer Infantry

     Corcoran's Irish Legion, 2nd Division, II Corps

Come Learn About An Irish Regiment That Was Also
A Typical Unit In The Union Army of The American Civil War.

Raised in September 1862, The 155th was raised as part of
Gen. Michael Corcoran's "Irish Legion," which contained
the 155th, 164th (zouave), 170th, 175th, and 182nd NY Vols. Members of Companies "I" and "K" came from Buffalo, NY,
and the 164th also contained Buffalo recruits.


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