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New York State Division of Military & Naval Affairs
Electronic Flag Room

See and Learn about The Many Battle Flags Currently In
The Care of, and Being Preserved By, New York State.

              Tis only old pieces of bunting, Tis only an old tattered rag,
                                     But thousands had fought for its honor,
                                       and shed their best blood for this Flag.

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New York State and The Civil War

This Site Deals With The Empire State's Role
in The War of The Rebellion and its Aftermath, and the
Contributions and Sacrifices of Her Sons and Daughters..

              With Links to Numerous Pages and Sites of Enormous Value
                    To The Serious Civil War Researcher, or the Casual Civil War Buff...

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Military History Institute Collection
Of Civil War Photographs

Search The Database of More Then 27,000 Images
Held At The Carlisle Barracks. You May Find An Ancestor!

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Roster No.3, New York Soldiers
by The Organization of
     New York Soldiers Living in Michigan - July 1891

Search The Database to Locate Many New York Veterans
Who Moved to Michigan After The Civil War.

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Central New York in The Civil War

Check out Ruggles' Rag with Information and Links
Concerning Central New York in the Civil War. From
Regimental Histories to Period Newspaper Clippings,
Photographs and Much, Much, More....


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