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14th Brooklyn (14th NYSM - 84th NYVI)   

Learn about The Famous !4th Brooklyn - The Red Legged Devils,
     by visiting the site of the 14th Regiment, NYSM, Co. E

                                                ~ THE GALLANT FOURTEENTH ~

     "Forget them not - our gallant boys - Who, for the Nation's Life, have stood
     Amid the Battle's grime and noise, Baptized into its flame and blood!
     The Brave 14th - how well they wrought For Freedom, let our annals tell -
     A cheer for those who stoutly fought; A tear for those who nobly fell!"

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20th Regiment New York State Militia (80th NYVI)

Learn about The Brave "Ulster Guard" Which Served With Pride
And Distinction at Nearly Every Major Battle That Took Place
In The Eastern Theatre Leading Up To, and Including, Their Day Along The Stone Wall By The Copse Of Trees At Gettysburg.

                                                  "This Hand For Our Country."

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56th NYVI, The Tenth Legion         

Learn about Orange County's Famous Tenth Legion,
which included infantry, artillery and cavalry under
the command of Colonel (and Congressman) Charles H. Van Wyck.

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69th New York State Volunteers          

Learn about The Fighting 69th, of the Famous Irish Brigade
by visiting the site of the 69th NY State Volunteers, Company A.

                                                           "Faugh A Ballagh"

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71st Regiment, National Guard of the State of New York   

Learn about the history of "the American Rifles"
     Later Called "the American Guard"
          As Well as Their Present-Day Veterans Association    

     formed on October 23, 1850, The Regiment existed until August 31, 1993.
     The 71st served in every war from the Civil War through World War II.

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124th New York Volunteer Infantry

Learn about the history of "The Orange Blossoms,"
     As Well as The Present-Day Re-Enactment Unit

     Men of Orange County - The Union is in Danger!
     Able Bodied Recruits 18 years of age or older are sought to fill the ranks

     of the 124th New York State Volunteers - the famed "Orange Blossoms"
     to quell the rebellion and restore the Union.

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128th New York Volunteer Infantry

A Website Dedicated to The Memory of "Old Steady"
     with Information, Photographs, and Statistics.

               ...Till the fame of our fathers has melted away,
                                                          Till the stars of the dear old banner set,
                   Till the gold of the sunlight is sprinkled with gray,
                                                          Columbia and Dutchess will not forget.

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155th New York Volunteer Infantry

Raised in Buffalo, NY  in the Late Summer of1862,
The 155th Was Comprised Almost Entirely of Irish Immigrants
And Was Part of 'Corcoran's Irish Legion.'


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Central New York in The Civil War

Check out Ruggles' Rag with Information and Links
Concerning Central New York in the Civil War. From
Regimental Histories to Period Newspaper Clippings,
Photographs and Much, Much, More....


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