Department of New York

Grand Army
of the Republic

Department of New York
Dept. Commanders who received
The Medal of Honor

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Newton Martin Curtis, Brig. Gen, US Vols.
NY Dept. Commander, GAR, 1888

At Fort Fisher, NC -  January 15, 1865.
Date of Issue: November 28, 1891.
Citation: The first man to pass through the stockade, he personally led each assault on the traverses and was 4 times wounded.

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Harrison Clark, Corporal, Company E., 125th NYSV.

NY Dept. Commander, GAR, 1889

At Gettysburg, PA - July 2, 1865.
Date of issue: June 11, 1895.
Citation: Seized the colors and advanced with them
after the color bearer had been shot.

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Charles A. Orr, Pvt. Comapny G, 187th NY Vols.
NY Dept. Commander, 1901

At Hatchers Run, VA - October 27, 1864.
Date of Issue: April 1, 1898.
Citation: This soldier and two others, voluntarily and under fire,
rescued several wounded and helpless soldiers.

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