Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War
Department of New York
Admiral John L. Worden Camp 150

Repairing and Restoring the Crypt of
Julia James Butterfield

and her sons
1st Lt. Frederick James
(U.S.M.A. Graduate), U.S. Army - 3rd Cavalry
2nd Lt. Julian James, 5th NYVI
(Duryea's Zouaves), Co. D

Cold Spring, NY

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The James Family Crypt, as it appears in 2005.

Despite a provision in Julia James Butterfield's will which provided for perpetual care for the family Temple, the James Crypt at Cold Spring Cemetery has suffered significant damage and deterioration. The stones are separating, creating large gaps in which water collects and ice forms - expanding to create larger gaps. The steps leading up the hill to the crypt are downright dangerous! A tree is now growing out of the roof of the crypt, its roots causing further stress and strain on the damaged structure.

While Julia James Butterfield was one of Cold Spring's greatest benefactors - the Town's library and hospital bearing the Butterfield name to this day - the Town of Cold Spring has, perhaps unknowingly, allowed her final resting place to fall into terrible disrepair. Also interred within the tomb are her first husband Frederick James, their two sons Frederick and Julian, Mary M. Sloan, and Anne, wife of Henry Gray, Esq.

The Worden Camp would like to rectify this situation, in her honor - as well as to honor her two sons who both served in the Union Army during the Civil War. The Cold Spring Cemetery Association, however, has thus far not permitted this. In response to their request for a demonstration of support of the James/Butterfield families, a collection of letters was sent from descendants offering their approval of the Worden Camp's plans. Since July of 2005, no response has been received from the Cemetery Association. It is hoped that the residents and government officials of Cold Spring will not allow this disrespect and disregard for the James family to continue.

Are you a descendant of the Butterfield or James family? Please contact  to lend your voice of support to this project.

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