Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War
Department of New York

Cpl. James Tanner Camp 134
Cobleskill, NY

James Tanner PHOTO

Cpl. James Tanner

Camp Commander

Commander Peter Lindemann
126 Hudson Trail

Howes Cave, NY 12092
(518) 296-8530

Formed in 2004, the Tanner Camp is one of
New York's newest and most active Camps.

The Camp is named for Cpl. James Tanner of the 87th NYVI,
severely wounded at 2nd Manassas suffering the loss of both legs.
Fitted with prosthetics, he secured a position with the War Dept.
and was present with Secretary of War Stanton at Ford's Theatre and
The Peterson House the night Lincoln was assassinated.
Tanner's stenographic notes remain the most comprehensive record
of the events of that terrible evening.

James Tanner was active in veterans activities after the war, serving as
Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic in 1905-06.

He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, along with his wife.

James Tanner Gravesite PHOTO

Tanner Camp Meetings are held monthly in Cobleskill.

Members of the Tanner Camp 134, SUVCW
Receive US and New York State Flags from State Assemblyman Dan Hooker.

For more information about Cpl. James Tanner Camp 134
or to learn how to join the SUVCW:

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please contact the
Tanner Camp Commander:

Richard A. Sherman
Box 395
Schoharie, NY  12157
(518) 295-8142


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