Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War
Department of New York

Capt. Homer Searle Camp 114
Bridgewater, NY

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Camp Commander
Jason Wolczanski

Formed in June of 1999,
the Homer Searle Camp is named for
Capt. Homer Searle of the 114th NYVI,
born at Leonardsville, Town of Brookfield,
wounded twice at Port Hudson, Louisiana
on June 14, 1863.
Capt. Searle recovered and returned to service,
receiving a letter of commendation
from Gen. Banks for his gallantry.

Meetings are held monthly at the Bridgewater Town Building.


For more information about Homer Searle Camp 114
or to learn how to join the SUVCW:

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please contact the
Searle Camp Secretary/Treasurer:

Earl E. Allen, PDC
PO Box 401
, NY 13313
(315) 822-5682


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