Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War
Department of New York
Colonel Augustus van Horne Ellis Camp 124

Repairing and Restoring
The Lincoln Boulder
Soldiers and Sailors Monument
Nyack, NY

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The Lincoln Memorial Boulder
Soldiers and Sailors Monument
Nyack, NY

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Nyack, NY – The Lincoln Memorial Boulder – sits in front of the Nyack Library
at 59 South Broadway. It was created and dedicated in 1908 by the members of Nyack, NY’s Waldron Post 82 of the
Grand Army of the Republic. The dedication ceremonies, on Flag Day, were attended by the men of the G.A.R. Post,
their Auxiliary the Women’s Relief Corps., and the Sanborn Camp of the Sons of Veterans, as well as many local
dignitaries and, essentially, the whole village - especially the children who had donated most of the funds to create the
monument. Quite a parade was created by the procession to the site.



The monument has remained where it was initially placed, in front of the Nyack Library, where it has been cared for and
protected since 1908. The Library has total control of the monument and is the sole entity responsible for its care. The
monument is partially surrounded by a decorative hedge, as well as a beautifully landscaped garden area. Although much
of its rich history is likely not known by today’s residents of Nyack, the monument is still a prominent landmark and is seen
each day by hundreds of local citizens visiting the library or passing by on the sidewalk while shopping
or visiting the village Post Office across the street.

Despite its protected position, the monument has been damaged and is in need of repair. While the granite boulder is fully
intact, as is the large bronze plaque on the front which features Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the large bronze replica of
a G.A.R. badge on the side of the monument has been broken off above the star. No record exists of exactly when this
happened, or by what means – either accidental or through vandalism. As the occurrence did not take place in recent
memory, it is assumed to have been at least 15-20 years ago, perhaps considerably more.

The Ellis Camp is working to raise the funds in order to have the damaged portion recast and replaced on the monument.

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Lincoln Boulder
Showing Damaged G.A.R. Medal

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In October of 2005, renowned artist David Frech
(most famous to Civil War scholars and enthusiasts for
his Lincoln & Tad sculpture located in Richmond, VA)
completed the replacement portion of the GAR Badge
and affixed it to the Lincoln Boulder.

A rededication ceremony was held in the Spring of 2006.


Rededication Ceremony held June 17, 2006
Nyack, NY


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