Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War
Department of New York

Colonel Augustus van Horne Ellis Camp 124
Hamptonburgh Cemetery
Hamptonburgh, NY


Name Unit Info

Date of Death

Age at Death

Jackson, Capt. William A. 124th NYVI, Co. K 06/18/64 25
Rose, Pvt. John 98th NYVI, Co. I 1895 77
Rose, Sgt. Peter H. 124th NYVI, Co. D



Sweezey, Pvt. John 1st NY Mounted Rifles, Co. C



Waldo, 1st Lt. Howard 7th NYVI, Co. H 1922 90
Wright, 1st Lt. William B. (Breveted Major) 5th NYHA, CO. E (Pvt.) & 104th NYVI, Co. E (1st Lt) 03/30/80 39

This List Was Compiled By
George S. Miller, Jr.
Col. Augustus van Horne Ellis Camp 124
Updated December 26, 2005


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