Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War
Department of New York

Colonel Augustus van Horne Ellis Camp 124
Florida Cemetery
FLorida, NY

(in order of unit)


Name Unit Info

Date of Birth & Death

Age at Death


Strong, Sgt. Lewis 109th NYVI, Co. B



Stoops, Thomas J. 11th U.S. Colored H.A., Co. C

D: 1910


Mapes, Capt. William E. 124th NYVI, Co. B

B: 12/14/41     D: 12/13/93


Lee, Francis 124th NYVI, Co. B



Green, Samuel 124th NYVI, Co. B

B: 1840    D: 1911

Approx. 71

Wheeler, Sgt. Charles A. 124th NYVI, Co. B



Davis, Charles 124th NYVI, Co. D

B: 1838     D: 1923

Approx. 85

Bertholf, James 124th NYVI, Co. D

D: 09/28/63


Degraw, John C. 124th NYVI, Co. D

B: 1828     D: 1912

Approx. 84

WIA at Gettysburg & Spotsylvania
Adams, Lewis D. 124th NYVI, Co. F

B: 1839     D: 1919

Approx. 80

Redecker, John 124th NYVI, Co. H

B: 1840     D: 1916

Approx. 76

AKA Redeker
Stalter, William W. 15th NYV Cavalry, Co. L



Hunt, James M. 168th NYVI, Co. F

D: 10/14/81


Hennion, Lt. George W. 168th NYVI, Co. H



Cromwell, William 176th NYVI, Co. D

B: 1838     D: 1921

Approx. 83

Sanders, Charles W. 1st Vol. Delaware Inf., Co. A



Mathews, Isaac (Issac) 20th MAVI, Co. E



Also served in 15th MAVI
Carr, George D. 20th US Infantry (?)

B: 1827     D: 1885

Approx. 58

Smith, Charles 2nd NY Prov. Cavalry Co. L

D: 1911


Possibly also 15th NY Cavalry
Stoll, John S. 2nd NY Vol. Cavalry, Co. B

D: 12/2/1880


Totten, George D. 39th NJVI, Co. K

B: 10/2/1844     D: 1903

Approx. 59

Duryea, Webster Sidney 44th NYVI, Co. G

D: 07/02/63


KIA 7/2/63 at Gettysburg
Hunt, Sgt. George W. 56th NYVI, Co. D



Smith, Josiah 56th NYVI, Co. E



AKA Jonah Smith
Jackson, Charles 56th NYVI, Co. F



Possibly with 143rd NYVI
Wetmore, David O. 56th NYVI, Co. F

B: 1835     D: 1903

Approx. 68

AKA Whitemore / WIA Fair Oaks
Carr, James A. 56th NYVI, Co. G

D: 4/10/1876


De Kay, Peter 5th NYHA, Co. L



Totten, Horace 6th NYHA, Co. A

D: 1894 (?)


Tallman, Charles W. 6th NYHA, Co. C

B: 1842     D: 1917

Approx. 75

Van Houton, William K. 75th NYVI, Co. C



AKA Van Houghton
Van Riper, Cornelius 8th MI Cav, Co. H

B: 1839     D: 1912

Approx. 73

Probably also 22nd MIVI
Lewis, Henry 8th NJVI, Co. I



McCain, Lt. J. Curtis 9th MNVI, Co. B

B: 1818     D: 1898

Approx. 80

Shipman, Abraham U.S. Navy



Charles, Horace U.S. Navy



Bertholf, Horace U.S. Navy



Williams, Robert U.S. Navy



Middlebrook, Aaron  



Hall, Abraham  



Seward, Augustus  



Wheeler, Charles C.  



Brown, Franklyn M.  

B: 1846     D: 1917

Approx. 71

Ball, George  

B: 2/24/09     D: 4/2/83


Boyd, James  



Hockins, James  



No Headstone - Marker #6
Jennings, Richard  



Burd, William  

B: 2/17/36     D: 1920

Approx. 83

Wood, William Foster  

B: 1843     D: 1916

Approx. 73

Watson, William  


  No Headstone - Marker #7

This List Was Compiled By

Jeffrey Albanese
Col. Augustus van Horne Ellis Camp 124
with the assistance of
Superintendent Raymond Green, Florida Cemetery

last Updated December 26, 2005


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