SUVCW State Commanders


Last Updated 12/20/13


William Hasbrouck Wyker, 1853-1907

NY Department Commander, 1890-1891

Slate Hill Cemetery
Goshen, NY
Photo by Jeffrey Albanese

Lewis J. Macy, 1848-1926

NY Department Commander, 1894-1896

Pulaski Village Cemetery
Rt 11, Pulaski, NY

Buried with first wife
Grave is on north side of cemetery
Photo by Jerome Orton

Walter M. Bernard

NY Department Commander, 1940

Mettowee Valley Cemetery
Granville, NY
Photo by Jerome Orton

Richard Cuyler, 1921-1998

NY Department Commander, 1963-1964

Sennett Rural Cemetery, upper right corner
Rt. 5, about 4 miles east of Auburn, NY

WWII Army Air Corps
Cayuga County Commander, VFW
Lt. Col., SVR
Photo by Jerome Orton

Harold Goodman, 1925-1986

NY Department Commander, 1979-1980

Ovid Cemetery, front row
Route 96 A, Ovid, NY
Photo by Jerome Orton


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