Department Orders


Department Commander Leo McGuire


2018 - 2019

Department Order #1   Establishes Commander McGuire's command of the Department of New York, reports financial status, reflects upon the hard work that went into the 2018 Encampment, and speaks to the challenges before the department.
Department Order #2   Suspends Walter H. French Camp #17, David G. Caywood Camp #146 and CPL. James Tanner Camp #134 for failure to submit reports to the Department on time.
Department Order #3   Reinstates Walter H. French Camp #17 and requests Camps and Brothers to take part in Memorial Day services, events and remembrances.
Department Order #4   Reinstates David G. Caywood, Camp, #146, expresses the Commander's wish to visit camps and sponsored events, and suggests workshops be held at the encampment or at the midyear meeting.
Department Order #5   Suspends CPL. James Tanner Camp #134.
Department Order #6   Announces the mid-year meeting and addesses necessary changes to all campsí ByLaws regarding youthful members and the securing of a group exemption status under 501c3 regulations.
Department Order #7   Addresses the horrific limousine crash in Schoharie, New York that took 20 lives.
Department Order #8   Sets expectations for department officers, camp officers and members.
Department Order #9   Addresses several issues, including the new department web site,


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