Department Orders


Department Commander Raymond W. LeMay III, PCC


2015 - 2016

Department Order #1   Establishes Commander LeMay's command of the Department of New York, reports financial status, and other matters.
Department Order #2   Suspends General Alexander S. Diven Camp #77.
Department Order #3   Encourages Camps and Brothers to participate in Memorial Day services.
Department Order #4   Announces officers and committees of the Department, as well as congratulating the Sisters in the Allied Orders on their elections.
Department Order #5   Encourages Camps and Brothers to celebrate Flag Day by partaking in celebrations, commemorations and events.
Special Request   Although not an order, Commander LeMay requests Brothers and Camps to participate in the re-internment ceremony for Pvt. Elisha Woodcock of Co. B of the 97th NY Vol. Infantry Regiment.
Department Order #6   Requests Camps and Brothers to take part in Independence Day celebrations.
Department Order #7   Announces the adoption and posting of By-Laws approved by the 2015 Department Encampment.
Department Order #8   Commends Willard Camp #154 for its accomplishments regarding the restoration and care of Major General George Henry Thomas’s grave.  Announces a contribution from the Dept. Commander’s Discretionary Fund and encourages all Brothers to assist in that effort.
Department Order #9   Calls a Mid-Year meeting and asks for mid-year reports from Department Officers, Department Committees, Department Special Committees and Camp Commanders.
Department Order #10   This is an important order requesting all Camps to submit camp newsletters and other materials to Bro. Donald Zeilman, the Dept. Volunteer editor.  It also appoints the Dept. Encampment Organization and Planning Guide Committee and re-appoints the Greenpoint Monitor Museum Committee
Department Order #11   Addresses re-location of the Department Encampment from Tarrytown to Suffern and changes to the Encampment Committee.
Department Order #12   Belated announcement regarding the awarding of the Oliver P. Clark Plaque for individual recruiting and the PDC John G. Kernan Cup for camp recruiting for 2014-2015.
Department Order #13   Appoints Proceedings Committee and Artifacts-Memorials-Monuments Grant Committee as special committees, seeks to fill vacant Department Officer positions, and announces the passing of Brother William P. “Bill” Warne.
Department Order #14   Recognizes Veterans Day and calls on brothers and camps to participate in commemorations, memorials, parades, services and events held for all veterans in our communities.
Department Order #15   Instructs camps to begin preparations for the GAR Sesquicentennial on April 6th, 2016. This includes organizing a bell ringing ceremony to be known as “Bells Across New York for the G.A.R.” and registration of GAR monuments, leading to a book of monuments to be self-published by the Department.
Department Order #16   Announces revocation of charters for Daniel E. Sickles Camp No. 3 and General Alexander S. Diven Camp No. 77.
Department Order #17   Commander LeMay's Thanksgiving Day messaage.
Department Order #18   Announces with deep regret the passing of Real Son and Brother Charlie Brock of London, Kentucky
Department Order #19   Conveys Commander LeMay's holiday messaage, welcomes new and returning camp officers, reminds camps to submit Form #22 and to update their web sites, and congratulates Tilden Camp #26 for developments of the Greenpoint Monitor Museum.


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