Department Orders


Department Commander George J. Weinmann, PCC


2014 - 2015


Department Order #1   Establishes Commander Weinmann's command of the Department of New York.
Department Order #2   Suspends Daniel E. Sickles Camp #3.
Department Order #3   Establishes the “Rally Round the Flags Committee”.
Department Order #4   Establishes the "Officer and Encampment Guide Committee" and appoints the chairman of the 2016 Department Encampment Committee.
Department Order #5   Requests articles for the Volunteer and addresses per capita dues.
Department Order #6   Announces 132nd Encampment, announces new By-Laws & requests articles for the Volunteer.
Department Order #7   Deals with officers’ mid-year reports, the Proceedings Committee & reflects upon Thanksgiving and President Lincoln’s declaration thereof.
Department Order #8   Communication that there will be no mid-year meeting and a reminder about mid-year reports.
Department Order #9   Reports status of the Greenpoint Monitor Museum Committee.
Department Order #10   Urgent request to comply with General Order #15 and communicate such compliance to the Department Commander and Secretary.
Department Order #11   Reminds Camp and Department officers of various reports that are due to the Department and IRS, and states requirements for submitting alterations, amendments or deletions to the Department By-Laws.
Department Order #12   Addresses the Encampment, hotel reservations, officer reports, camp annual reports, a new camp and requests material for the Volunteer.
Department Order #13   Announces availability of the 2014 Encampment proceedings, reminds Camp Secretaries of the new per-capita rate and to file Form 27A, and announces the annual Grant Birthday Commemoration.
Department Order #14   Announces publication of the department's archives policy, reminds brothers of the upcoming Encampment and announces the unveiling of a USS Monitor Trail Marker.
Department Order #15   Directs the Department, Camps and Brothers to be appropriately draped in black in recognition of the passing of Past C-in-C Richard L. Greenwalt.


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