Department Order #9


January 28, 2015

  1. At the 129th New York Department Encampment, a special committee was formed for a five year duration pursuant to Article X, section 3 of the New York Department By-laws known as the Greenpoint Monitor Museum Committee. Said committee shall consist of the Chairman of the Department Legislation Committee, who shall serve as chairperson of the Committee, the Department Memorials Officer and another member who shall be appointed by the Department Commander to serve for the duration of the committee. The Committee shall be charged with promoting support for the preservation of the U.S.S. Monitor site and the creation of the Greenpoint Monitor Museum both within the Department, other Departments of the Order and at the national level of the SUVCW. In addition, the Committee shall be charged with promoting preservation of the site and the construction of the museum at the local, state and federal levels of government. In addition, a copy of this resolution shall appear on the Department website.

  2. Pursuant to the resolution to form the special committee known as the Greenpoint Monitor Museum Committee, I have appointed Brother Paul F. Ellis-Graham as chairman of the Special Committee known as “Greenpoint Monitor Museum Committee”. I also appoint Brothers Raymond B. Wheaton, Arthur P. Kirmss, Mark Goret, James F. Bond and Charles Lirio.

  3. On January 30th, 2015, on the 153rd Anniversary of the Launching of the USS Monitor in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, a special meeting is scheduled to take place at the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office in Brooklyn, NY between the Brooklyn Borough President, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), The Greenpoint Monitor Museum, Oliver Tilden Camp #26, SUVCW, public officials and members of some local organizations and schools.

  4. The Brooklyn Borough President’s Office meeting agenda - NOAA will be giving a presentation on NOAA's National Marine Sanctuaries and in particular the USS Monitor National Marine Sanctuary.

  5. NOAA’s partnership with The Greenpoint Monitor Museum and the importance of establishing the Museum on its donated land.

  6. Establishment of the USS Monitor Trail, which will include a NOAA marker on the Museum's land  in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The marker will describe the history of the building and launching of the USS Monitor at the historic location. The unveiling of the Marker will take place on May 29, 2015 with an all-day History Fair event to follow.

  7. The proposed eminent domain threat on the Greenpoint Monitor Museum’s land that was donated in 2003 by Motiva Enterprises for the establishment of a USS Monitor Museum on its land.

  8. Conceptual renderings prepared by AECOM that show the development of the Museum's land with public waterfront access, raised elevation for flood control, land stabilization, living shoreline, dock for NOAA's research/education vessel with a boardwalk through a living  shoreline with historic panels.

  9. NOAA assigned The Greenpoint Monitor Museum to assist them in locating historic sites throughout New York State that have a USS Monitor connection to be considered for additional USS Monitor Trail Markers. Oliver Tilden Camp #26, SUVCW, will also provide input in finding possible historic locations to place USS Monitor Trail Markers.

  10. The Committee shall present a report at the 132nd New York Department Encampment in Saratoga Springs, New York.

So ordered this 28th day of January 2015
George J. Weinmann, PCC
Department Commander, Department of New York, SUVCW

Robert Pugsley, PDC
Department Secretary
Department of New York, SUVCW

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