Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



The purpose of the office of National Patriotic Instructor is to provide leadership in promoting patriotism within the membership of our Order and to inform, educate and promote patriotism among the populace in general.


The activities of the National Patriotic Instructor should include the responsibilities listed below.
  1. Serve as Chairman of the National Committee on Americanization and Education.

  2. Prepare and issue letters of instruction for the observance of national patriotic holidays.

  3. Assist the National Chaplain in preparing and issuing letters of instructions to Departments and Camps on the observance of Memorial Day.

  4. Provide Departments and Camps with patriotic topics that should be stressed at Department and Camp meetings.

  5. Prepare and submit articles on patriotic topics and our nation's flag to The BANNER.

  6. Be present at a National Encampment's Camp Fire Program and lead those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

  7. Apprise the Commander-in-Chief on the activities of the National Patriotic Instructor.

  8. Perform all other duties delegated to the office by the Order's Constitution and Regulations ("C&R"), Ritual and Ceremonials, National Encampment and/or Commander-in-Chief.

  9. Prepare and submit an annual written report to the Commander-in-Chief and the National Encampment on the activities of the National Patriotic Instructor.

Last Updated August 2003

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