Loyal Legion Vignettes

(1834 Ohio 1921 New York)

Keith G. Harrison, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief,
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, and
Cary Randall Stone-Greenstein, Great Granddaughter of David M. Kindleberger
(November 2006)

Rear Admiral David M. Kindleberger
(Left, Circa 1864 as Surgeon) (Right, Circa 1890)
(Photographs courtesy of Cary Randall Stone-Greenstein)

David M. Kindleberger was born September 2, 1834 to Dr. Tobias J. (abt 1806- ?) and Catherine K (Newcomer) (abt 1812 - ?) Kindleberger in Smithville, Wayne County, Ohio. He was educated at Wittenberg College, Class of 1855, and Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia 1858. As a medical doctor he was described as an "Allopath."

He joined U.S. Navy as an Assistant Surgeon on May 20, 1859 because a roommate in medical school had talked it up. His first cruise was a three-year tour aboard the USS San Jacinto of the west coast of Africa to stop the slave trade. After his return in 1861, he was detailed for a few months to the Philadelphia Naval Yard. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he was assigned for duty aboard the USS Miami with the West Gulf Blockading Squadron and participated in a number of the naval engagements off the southern coast, including the battle of Mobile Bay where he served as a surgeon aboard the USS Monongahela. On August 14, 1862, he was promoted to Surgeon.

Rear Admiral Kindleberger's Civil War career is best summarized from a newspaper article that he prepared when he was almost 84 years old in an effort to help elicit patriotic support for the United States' participation in World War I. The January 20, 1918 article that was published in the New York Times is presented below.

On January 1, 1865, he was assigned as Surgeon aboard the USS Itasca, which was part of the West Gulf Blockading Squadron, He served on this ship until the end of the war. Following the war, he served from 1869 to 1871 aboard the USS Independence at Mare Island near San Francisco. From 1877 - 1880, he served as the Fleet Surgeon of the Asiatic Station. On February 26, 1880, he was ordered to duty on the Naval Retiring Board. He also served as a Navy Medical Inspector, being detached from the Retiring Board and assigned to the flagship, the USS Hartford on December 2, 1883. In 1886, Dr. Kindleberger became Fleet Surgeon of the Pacific Coast Naval Station. On January 30, 1887, he became the Medical Director in charge of the naval hospital at Washington, DC. He served for a number of years as a member of the Medical Examining Board of the Navy. In 1888, he was placed in charge of the naval hospital at Philadelphia; a post he held until his retirement. Admiral Kindleberger retired from active service on September 2, 1896, having reached the age limit of 62 (at this time, he maintained the distinction of being the oldest officer then serving in the U.S. Navy). Following retirement from the Navy, Dr. Kindleberger traveled extensively throughout the world, and resided in France, Italy, and Norway and finally back in the United States in Washington DC and New York. In 1921, he was listed in Who's Who.

USS Miami

USS Monongahela

USS Independence

USS Hartford

In addition to having a highly successful Navy career, Admiral Kindleberger became proficient as a painter. He started painting on long cruises at sea, bored with inactivity as a doctor with nothing to do. He became quite expert and eventually obtained very good prices for his best work. He painted passionately, and if he ran out of canvas would paint on anything, boards or even cloth. He did many pastoral scenes. While serving in California and continuing on into his retirement, he achieved considerable success with paintings of landscapes, some of which are now in museums. He was a member of the Washington, DC Artist Club and the Society of Washington Artists. He exhibited at the National Academy of Design (1877) and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art (1880s - 1890s). His work is in the collection of the California Historical Society and a painting of his hangs in the Washington County Museum in Hagar Maryland. One of his pictures, Figures on a Shore, realized $19,975 in a sale in March 2006.


Figures on a Shore

Rear Admiral David M. Kindleberger was married three times. His first marriage was to Garlinda Schuster (abt 1841 - ?) on June 1, 1858. Three children were born to this marriage:

1. ? Kindleberger (? - ?),
2. Garlinda Kindleberger (Abt 1859 - ?), and
3. David M. Kindleberger Jr. (abt 1863 - 1958).

His second marriage was on October 8, 1868 to Mattie Lindsay Poor (October 1, 1847 - April 3, 1898) in Norfolk, Virginia. She was the daughter of Mattie Lindsay Stark (abt 1813 - ?) and Rear Admiral Charles Henry Poor (June 11, 1808 - November 5, 1882) Poor. Two children were born to this marriage:

1. Rear Admiral Charles Kindleberger (1870 - 1957) and
2. Evertson Crosby Kindleberger (1875 - 1950).

His final marriage was in 1906 to Olivia Marie (1867 - ?). No children were born to this marriage. He did, though, adopt his wife's son, Philip George Conlie Bishop Kindleberger (1896 - ?), by a previous marriage.

Rear Admiral David Kindleberger, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy, died on March 25, 1921 at his home in New York City. The funeral was held at Washington DC with interment taking place at Oakhill Cemetery.


Descendants of Rear Admiral David M. Kindleberger are eligible for hereditary membership in the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS - founded by Civil War officers on April 15, 1865) and the Dames of the Loyal Legion of the United States (founded in 1899 as the auxiliary to the MOLLUS). For more information on either or both organizations, please visit each organization's national website:

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States

Dames of the Loyal Legion of the United States


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