"The Campaign for 2015"
A Capital Campaign in support of
The Loyal Legion Memorial Fund

The Trustees of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS) Loyal Legion Memorial Fund (Fund) have embarked on a campaign to raise $20,150 in gifts and pledges to the Fund between June 2014 and the Sesquicentennial Congress in October 2015.

The critically important funds raised or pledged in the “CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FOR 2015” will be used to help the Fund meet its historical and philanthropical goals of:

The Fund receives investment income, but not enough to cover the cost of all we are doing now, much less what we could be doing. If we as Companions of the MOLLUS are to accomplish our goals, and be responsible stewards of the Fund so that it maintains itself and even grows over time rather than be depleted, we must support the Fund now.

The need is urgent. We live in a time when the memory of Abraham Lincoln and the legacy of the Union armies and navies are more and more under attack. Those who attack them are acting for their own narrow political and social purposes; seeking to divide the nation and besmirch those legacies we hold dear. Perhaps even worse, many citizens have never learned of the Union’s struggle or having learned a small portion have forgot. The Fund can be the means to remind our friends and educate the others, both through our own activities and the activities of those whom we support.

Help the Loyal Legion Memorial Fund meet it’s goal so that at the 2015 Congress we can say:

“We Met The Call.”

Your Tax-deductible gifts can be made:

--- By check payable to “Loyal Legion Memorial Fund”, and mailed to:

Jeffry Burden, PCinC
Loyal Legion Memorial Fund
1815 Harvard Road
Richmond VA 23226,

---By using the below secure PayPal link (You may use your existing PayPal account of if you do not have a PayPal account, you may use your credit card)

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