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History of the GAR and SUVCW in Iowa


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GAR in Iowa


The Department of Iowa was organized Sept. 26, 1866 at Davenport, with 45 posts and about 350 members. By 1889 the Department of Iowa had grown to 408 posts with a membership of 19,400.


National CinC from Iowa

David J. Palmer     1914-1915

James W. Willett    1922-1923

Oley Nelson           1935-1936


National GAR Encampments in Iowa

56th     1922         Des Moines 

60th     1926         Des Moines 

65th     1931         Des Moines 

72th     1938         Des Moines 

78th     1944         Des Moines 



SUVCW in Iowa


First SUVCW Department Encampment was held in Davenport in 1885.


National CinC from Iowa

Roy J. Bennett       1951


National Encampments Hosted in Iowa

6th     1887  Des Moines

13th   1894  Davenport

41st   1922  Des Moines

45th   1926  Des Moines

50th   1931  Des Moines

57th   1938  Des Moines

63rd   1944  Des Moines

96th   1977  Des Moines

109th 1990  Des Moines

123rd 2004  Cedar Rapids




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