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Beginning in 2003, the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) embarked on the Last Soldier Project. The purpose of the project is to locate and appropriately mark the final resting place of the last Civil War Soldier buried in each county/parish and in each state of this great country.

The Last Soldier project is funded, in part, by the SUVCW's Monuments and Memorials Grant Fund and also by obtaining contributions of the citizens, local veteran organizations and governmental agencies.  For more information, please visit the SUVCW Last Soldier page.

PLEASE HELP!!  The Department of Indiana, SUVCW is currently seeking information on any Civil War soldier who may have been the last soldier buried in any of the 92 counties in Indiana.  If you know of or suspect a soldier who might have been the last burial in a particular county, please send an e-mail to the SUVCW Department of Indiana.  We will be listing on this web page all known or suspected Last Soldiers from each county, as we receive the information.

Last Soldiers of Indiana (if known) - Listed by County
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If  blank, then no Last Soldier is known for that County


Adams (added 10/2/17)
William Howard Parr, Private, Co. E, 135th Ohio Infantry/National Guard  (5/5/1847 - 1/17/1939). He is buried in the Willard Cemetery, Berne, Adams County Indiana.  See his obituary from the Berne Witness Newspaper here and his Find-a-Grave Memorial here

Allen (added 9/2/11)
Richard Gottlieb Foss, Private, Co. A, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry (12/4/1844 - 1/21/1945).  He is buried in the Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen County Indiana.  See his two undated obituaries here and his Find-a-Grave listing here

Lt. John Townsend Young was reported, at the time of his death, to have been the last surviving Allen County Civil War veteran.  See: The Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center Page and Lt. Young's Find-a-Grave page

Andrew Jackson Hunter, Private/Sergeant, Co. G, Sixth Indiana, also Co. D, 67th Indiana, and Co. H, 145th Indiana (4/12/1845 - 4/29/1941).  He is buried in the Newbern Christian Cemetery, Clifty Township, Bartholomew County Indiana (See:

Benton (added 3/19/16)
Joseph Anderson Harrell, Private, Co. M, 8th Indiana Calvary/39th Indiana Infantry (2/22/1845 - 3/4/1940). He is buried in the Oak Grove Mausoleum, Benton County Indiana.  His obituary stated that he was the last living Civil War veteran from the county.  See his Find-a-Grave Memorial Here

Blackford (added 7/2/16)
James Augustus Alfrey, Private, Co. I, 132nd Volunteer Infantry (100 days, 1864) (11/1/1845 - 8/10/1938). He is buried in the Hartford City Cemetery (also known as the IOOF Cemetery), Blackford County Indiana.  See his Find-a-Grave Memorial Here

Joseph Holmes, Co. F, 12th Indiana Volunteer Infantry(?) (1/3/1847 -  2/25/1938).  Buried in the Old Cemetery, Thorntown, Boone County Indiana (Click Here for Bio courtesy of Mary Blair Immel, and Click Here for more information).  Note: Joseph Holmes is probably not the Last Soldier of Boone County.  The Indianapolis Times, January 05, 1949 states that William Evans Whitnghill, was the second to the last Civil War Veteran to die. See Times, 01-05-1949 Page 11, Column 3.

George W. Beck, Private, Co. M, 1st Indiana Cavalry (10/23/1841 - 2/10/1942).  Buried in the Burlington Cemetery, Burlington, IN. Click Here to see a picture of his grave stone and Click Here to see a close up picture of the Last Soldier plaque.  Click Here to see a copy of an article that appeared in the Carroll County Comet Newspaper, October 15th, 2008.

Cass (added 1/16/10)
William A. Ziegler, Corporal, Co. E, 19th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (8/17/1846 - 3/12/1942).  Buried in Mt. Hop Cemetery, Logansport, Cass County Indiana.  Click Here to see his newspaper obituary and picture, and Click Here for more grave pictures, and Click Here for his Find-a-Grave listing.

Clay (added 4/23/17)
James H. Hutchinson, Private, Co. I, 25th Indiana Infantry (1/29/1846 - 7-10-1944). Buried in the Cottage Hill Cemetery, Brazil, Clay County Indiana. Was last surviving Union Soldier of Vigo County and last surviving member of the Morton GAR Post #1 of Terre Haute.  See his Find-a-Grave Memorial Here
Cyrus Clark, Sergeant, Co. C, 10th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (4/18/1840 - 7/22/1939).  Member of the Stone River GAR Post No. 65, Frankfort, IN.  Buried in the Bunnell Cemetery, Frankfort, Clinton County Indiana.  Click Here to see his newspaper obituaries and picture, and Click Here for his Find-a-Grave listing

Crawford (added 7/3/16)
Peter J. Gottfried, Private, Co. F, 144th Indiana Infantry (4/14/1846 - 9/15/1937). Buried in the Wickliffe Cemetery, Wickliffe, Crawford County Indiana. Obit suggests that he was the last Civil War veteran living in Crawford County at the time of his death.  See his Find-a-Grave Memorial Here

William W. McNeeley, Private, Co. G, 43rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry (6/27/1846 - 5/30/1942).  Buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery, Daviess County, Odon, Indiana (See:  See his Find-a-Grave page here

Edmond Jameson, Private, Co. F, 149th Illinois Volunteer Infantry (2/6/1848 - 3/25/1942).  Buried in Riverview Cemetery, Aurora, Dearborn County Indiana (See also: Find a Grave Listing).

James N. Annis, Corporal, Co. G, 18th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (10/16/1844 - 2/8/1937).  Member of the Pap Thomas GAR Post No. 5, Greensburg, IN.  Buried in the South Park Cemetery, Greensburg, Decatur County Indiana (See also: His Find a Grave Listing).

William H. Stafford, Private, Co. D, 118th Indiana Volunteer Infantry and Corporal, Co. C 30th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (1/16/1847 - 5/25/1939).  Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Auburn, DeKalb County Indiana (See: and Find a Grave Listing)

George H. Robinson, Private, 1st West Virginia Light Artillery, Battery H (5/25/1846 - 8/30/1942).  Buried in Beech Grove Cemetery, Delaware County, Muncie, Indiana.  Member of the Williams Post # 78 GAR of Muncie. (See:  See his Find-a-Grave page here.

Dubois (added 1/13/18)
Frederick Henry Poetker (listed in rosters as Potger), Corporal, Co. K, 65th Indiana Infantry (2/1/1844 - 12/6/1939).  Buried in the Fairmount Cemetery, Huntingburg, Dubois County Indiana. See his Find-a-Grave Memorial Here.

Elkhart (added 7/3/16)
George R. Parsons, Private, Co. A, 184th New York Infantry (9/15/1848 - 5/3/1944). Buried in the South Union Cemetery, Nappanee, Elkhart County Indiana. Obit suggests that he was the last living Civil War veteran in Elkhart County at the time of his death.  See his Find-a-Grave Memorial Here

Joseph Taggart Hubbell, Private, Co. D, 139th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (9/26/1845 - 6/?/1941).  Buried in the Everton Methodist Church Cemetery, Fayette County Indiana (See:  See his Find-a-Grave page here.

Herman Hilbert, Private, Co. B, 35th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (9/14/1845 - 4/4/1937).  Buried in the St. Peter Catholic Cemetery, Highland Township, Franklin County Indiana (Click Here for His Obit from the Brookville Democrat, 4/8/1937, pp 1, 4 and Here for a Picture of His Gravestone, and Click Here for the Find a Grave Link). Note: William Hall was the last living Union Civil War Veteran from Franklin County, but he died in December 1937 at the Dayton Ohio Veterans Home and was interred there.

Fulton (added 4/19/14)
John H Shelton, Private, Co. B, 142nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry (1847-4/8/942). Buried in the Rochester IOOF Cemetery, Rochester, Fulton County Indiana, Section 10, Row 8.  (Click Here for His Find a Grave Link).

Gibson (added 8/23/15)
Cato Powell, Private, Co. C, 8th U.S. Colored Artillery (11/24/1846 - 12/1/1940). Buried in the Sand Hill Cemetery, Princeton, Gibson County Indiana. (Click Here for His Find a Grave Page)
John C. Adams, Private, Co. C, 17th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry (8/17/1847 - 2/17/1949).  Buried at Riverside Cemetery, Gas City, IN.  Member of the Magnolia GAR Post No. 409, Jonesboro, Grant County Indiana.  Last Living Indiana Union Civil War Veteran (See:  See his Find-a-Grave page here.
George W. Halstead, Co. E, 43rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry (11/20/1847 - 1/16/1942).  Buried in the Prairie Chapel Cemetery, Greene County, Lyons Indiana (Click Here for More Information, and Here for His Obituary)

Hamilton (added 12/21/09)
Richard Denny, Private, Co A, 101st Indiana Volunteer Infantry (3/5/1841 -  6/24/1943).  Buried in Cicero Cemetery, Cicero, Hamilton County Indiana (Click here for the Find a Grave Link).

Hancock (added 7/30/11)
Francis M. Hanes, Corporal, Co. B, 8th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (11/25/1843 - 5/24/1937) Died at age of 94.  Member of the George H. Thomas GAR Post No. 17 in Indianapolis, IN. Buried in the New Palestine Cemetery, New Palestine, Hancock County Indiana.  Click Here for His Find-a-Grave Listing

Harrison (added 10/14/09)
George Parker, Private, Co. G, 124th USCT (2/25/1837 - 2/17/1941).  Buried in the Collins Chapel Cemetery, Boone Township, Harrison County Indiana.  (Click Here for His Obituary, and Here for His 100th Birthday Newspaper Article, with Picture).  See also: Find-A-Grave Link

Sylvanus Mabe, Private, Co. C, 6th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (5/31/1844 - 6/30/1940).  Buried in the Clayton West Cemetery, Liberty Township, Hendricks County Indiana (See:
See his Find-a-Grave page here.

Joseph Smith, 5th Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery (3/7/1846 - 12/23/1940).  Buried at Batson Cemetery (See:, and

Gordon Williams, Unassigned Pennsylvania Volunteers (3/5/1848 - 3/27/1943).  Buried in the Albright Cemetery, Kokomo, Center Township, Howard County Indiana.  Member of the Thomas J. Harrison GAR Post # 30 in Kokomo. (See:

Huntington (added 8/15/16)
Edwin Sexton, Corporal, Co. C, 130th Ohio Infantry (National Guard) (6/12/1846 - 9/8/1942). Buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery, Huntington, Huntington County Indiana.  Last surviving member of the James R. Slack GAR Post # 137 in Huntington. See his Find-a-Grave page here


Jefferson (added 4/19/14)
John W. Nichols, Private, Co. B, 3rd Indiana Cavalry (5/7/1843-5/9/1941). Buried in the Fairmount Cemetery, Madison, Jefferson County Indiana (Click Here to See His Find a Grave Page).

Jennings (added 12/14/13)
John H. Waggoner, Private, Co. G, 67th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (1843 - 6/30/1940) (note: listed in roster as John Wagner). Buried in the Coffee Creek Christian Church Cemetery, Paris Crossing, Jennings County Indiana (Click Here to See His Obituary).  See also Find-A-Grave  Link
William C. Kerr, Private, Co. E, 27th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, also Co. C, 39th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (6/4/1840 - 11/4/1941).  Buried in the Hamner Cemetery, Blue River Township, Johnson County Indiana (See:

Knox (added 12/28/09)
Alexander Columbus Bowen, Corporal, Co. H, 51st Indiana Volunteer Infantry (8/23/1843 - 12/31/1940).  Buried in the Freelandville Christian Church Cemetery, Freelandville, Knox County Indiana (Click Here to See His Obituary).  See also Find-A-Grave Link
Isaac W. Sharp, Private, Co. G, 1st Ohio Cavalry (3/9/1848 - 11/10/1946).  Buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana, Block 78, Lot 5
Two term Dept. of IN Commander from GAR Post #114, Warsaw, IN and elected Commander-in-Chief in 1944 (See:


Lake (updated 1/14/18)
James H. Garnett, 26th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry (6/15/1847 - 5/2/1946). Buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Gary, Lake County Indiana. See his Find-a-Grave Memorial Here.
Benjamin F. Kimbrel, Private, Co. H, 66th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (10/16/1844 - 12/27/1944).  Buried in the Westville Cemetery, New Durham Township, LaPorte County Indiana, Lot 238, Row 9, Grave 7 (in Memorial Section).  Click here for Newspaper Article about Mr. Kimbrel, Click Here for the Find a Grave Link for Benjamin F. Kimbrel. Note: The Rev. George R. Streeter, also a Civil War veteran, died three days prior to Benjamin Kimbrel and is buried at the New Carlisle Cemetery, St. Joseph County Indiana Click Here for More Information on Both of These Veterans.


Madison (added 1/24/12)
Levi P. Keltner, Private, Co. K, 12th Ohio Calvary (4/3/1844 - 12/8/1942). Last surviving member of the Major May GAR Post #244, Anderson, Indiana.  Buried in the Maplewood (East Maplewood) Cemetery, Anderson, Madison County Indiana.  Click Here to See His Obituary from the Anderson Daily Bulletin, p1 (12/8/1942) and Click Here for His Find-a-Grave Page
Marion (added 1/3/10)
Oscar N. Wilmington, First Lieutenant, 57th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (1845 - 4/7/1944).  Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Marion County, Indianapolis Indiana, Section 60, Lot 1120.  Click Here to See His Obituary and Click Here for His Find-a-Grave Page.

John F. Cromley, Private, Co. H, 53rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry (12/17/1844 - 3/10/1941).  Buried in the Culver Masonic Cemetery, Culver Township, Marshall County Indiana.

Martin (added 10-2-17)
Levi Wildman, Private/Corporal, Co. F, 65th Indiana Infantry (3-30-1839 - 5/21/1945). Buried in the Goodwill Cemetery, Loogootee, Martin County Indiana.  See his Find-a-Grave Memorial here

Miami (added 1/24/11)
William J. Rennaker, Private, Co. A, 25th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (7/28/1846 - 1/12/1940).  Buried in the Converse City Cemetery, Converse, Grant County Indiana.  Click Here to See His Bio

Monroe (added 10/2/17)
Andrew Greenberry Morron, Private/Corporal, Co. H, 120th Indiana Infantry (4/18/1846 - 10/27/1940).  Buried in the Chapel Hill Cemetery, Monroe County Indiana.  See his two obituaries here and his Find-a-Grave Memorial here

Morgan (added 5/5/14)
George F. Nelson, Private, Co. M, 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery/21st Indiana Infantry (10/9/1844 - 12/31/1941).  Buried in the Mooresville Cemetery, Mooresville, Morgan County Indiana. Click here to see his Find-a-Grave Memorial

John Calvin Sarver, Private, Co. E, 99th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (2/22/1843 - 11/23/1941).  He served from 8/14/1862 to 6/5/1865.  Buried in the Prairie Vine Cemetery, Washington Township, Newton County, Indiana.  Click here to see his obit from the 11/27/1941 Morocco Courier Newspaper(?).  Also Click here for the Find-A-Grave link

Perry (updated  1/13/18)
John Engelbrecht (listed in rosters as Englebright), Private, Co. K, 44th Indiana Infantry (1843 - 8/8/1938). Buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, Tell City, Perry County Indiana.  See his Death Notice Here from the Evansville Press, August 9, 1938 and his Find-a-Grave Memorial Here.

Pike (added 1/13/18)
Windfield Scott Hunter, Saddler, Co. L, 13th Indiana Cavalry (12/22/1848 - 4/3/1947). Buried in the Walnut Hill Cemetery (Section K), Petersburg, Pike County Indiana.  See his Find-a-Grave Memorial Page Here and a Reprint of an Article About Windfield Hunter believed to be from the Dubois County Herald around 1966 and his Obituary, from the Evansville Courier, April 5, 1947.

Jacob Mooker, Private, Co H, 128th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (7/3/1842 - 10/10/1941).  Member of the Chaplain Brown Post #106 Grand Army of the Republic, Valparaiso, Indiana.  Buried in the Kimball Cemetery, Liberty Township, Porter County Indiana.  See his Find-a-Grave page here.

Posey (updated 1/13/18)
Edwin Galbreath, Private, Co. K, 61st Illinois Infantry (12/?/1848 - 5/12/1940).  Buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Griffin, Posey County Indiana.  See his Find-a-Grave Memorial Here.

Newton Stewart, Private, Co. B, 87th Indiana Volunteer Infantry ( 6/22/1844 - 5/16/1941).  Buried in the Star City Cemetery, Star City, Van Buren Township, Pulaski County Indiana.
  Private Stewart was born in Ohio, June 22, 1844 and came to Pulaski County in 1847. He was wounded at Chickamauga Sep. 19, 1863 (on the forehead, according to the 1894 veterans enrollment) and was discharged June 25, 1865 in Washington, D. C. He lived in Pulaski County until his death, May 16, 1941.  He was a member of the Fahler G.A.R. Post 397, serving as commander for two years. This post was in existence from 1885-1915, reorganized in 1903. After its disbandment he joined the G.A.R. Post in Logansport, Cass County, IN (see his 5/22/1941 obituary from the Pulaski County Democrat Newspaper here and see his Find a Grave listing here).

Putnam (updated 6/9/18)
James William Petty, Private, Co. C, 148th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (5/10/1846 - 1/12/1941). Buried in the Bainbridge Cemetery Putnam County Indiana. See his Find a Grave page here.  

David S. Moist, Sergeant, 7th Indiana Cavalry (9/18/1844 - 1/15/1946).  Buried in the Union City Cemetery, Union City, Randolph County Indiana. (See his 1/16/1946 obituary from the Palladium-Item here).  See his Find-a-Grave page here.


St. Joseph (edited 11/13/16)
Rev. George R. Streeter (2/24/1848 - 12/24/1944), Private, Co. E and H, 6th New York Heavy Artillery. Also served in the 10th New York Heavy Artillery.  Buried in the New Carlisle Cemetery, New Carlisle, St. Joseph County Indiana. Member of the William H Calkins GAR Post #502, located in Hammond, IN.  See his Find-a-Grave memorial here.


Spencer (added 1/13/18)
David Jackson Smith, Private, Co. G, 136th Indiana Infantry (10/4/1847 - 7/17/1943).  Buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Chrisney, Spencer County Indiana. See his Obituary Here, newspaper and date unknown and his Find-a-Grave Memorial Here.

William Wallace Garner, Private, Co. D, 29th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (10/30/1847 - 10/11/1940).  Buried in Knox Cemetery, Starke County Indiana.

Sullivan (added 7/30/11)
George Samuel Blakeman, Private, Co. D, 54th Kentucky Mounted Infantry (1/1/1849 - 2/25/1942).  Buried in Booker Cemetery, Sullivan County Indiana.  Click Here for His Find-a-Grave Listing

John Ephraim Rishel, Co. C, 10th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (3/22/1845 - 3/4/1940).  Member and past Commander of the Logan-Taylor GAR post of Lafayette, IN.  Buried in Spring Vale Cemetery, Tippecanoe County, Lafayette Indiana (Click Here for John Rishel's bio and Click Here for more info).

Alexander P. Cook, Private, Co. D, 9th Indiana Cavalry (3/14/1847 - 6/3/1940).  Buried in the Salem Cemetery, Liberty, Union County Indiana. (See his June 1940 newspaper obituary here).

Vanderburgh (added 8/15/16)
George W. Winlock, Corporal, Co. C, 115th U.S. Colored Infantry (December 1845 - 6/10/1939). Buried in the Locust Hill Cemetery, Evansville, Vanderburgh County Indiana.  Last surviving member of the Wagner GAR Post # 581 in Evansville.  See His Bio and Pictures Here and His Find-a-Grave Page Here 


William C. Walls, Private, Co. K, 124th Indiana Volunteer Infantry (1845 - 12/8/1941).  Buried in Earlham Cemetery, Richmond, Wayne County Indiana.
(See his 12/9/1941 obituary from the Palladium-Item here)


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