John B. Anderson Camp #223
Columbus, IN
Steve Coffman

Camp Commander


John B. Anderson Camp Officers with New Charter - November 7, 2009




Steven F. Coffman Camp Commander, E-mail:
Senior Vice Commander- Bret A. Caldwell
Junior Vice Commander - Phillip D. McClure PCC
Council Member #1 - Jack M. Holt Jr.
Council Member #2 - J. Russell McClure
Council Member #3 - Aaron D. Coffman
Secretary - Aaron D. Coffman
Treasurer - Bret A. Caldwell


Offices Appointed by the Camp Commander - 2015:

Patriotic Instructor - James D. Jackson Jr.
Chaplain - Joseph R. Foster
Graves Registration Officer - James D. Jackson Jr.
Historian - Phillip D. McClure
Civil War Memorials Officer - Phillip D. McClure
Color Bearer - J. Dietrich Smith
Guard - Julian M. Smith
Guide - J. Dietrich Smith
Eagle Scout Coordinator - Terry L. Furgason



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