Grand Army of the Republic
Cora E. Gillis
National Secretary 1946 - 1957
Last National Secretary to the GAR

Final Report of the National Secretary
Jamestown, New York, February 27, 1957

In making this, my final report, it is with deep humility and with a great sense of pride that it is completed. The confidence reposed in me by the Grand Army of the Republic, when they elected me permanently in 1946 to serve to the end of their organization and to close the books, is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. The past 11 years have been happy ones, and it was my privilege to know personally many of these fine men who were living at the time I took over this work, on the passing of Katharine R.A. Flood, who had been their secretary for many years. Her early training has been of great assistance to me in the years just ended. I have endeavored to complete her work in the manner in which she would have done it, had she been spared.

Since the closing of the encampments in 1949 all of these grand men have gone to their final resting places, the last being Comrade Albert Woolson of Duluth, Minn., who passed from this life on August 2, 1956. I attended the services for him, which was conducted by the United States Army in a strictly military manner, the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War holding the Grand Army service at the grave. Since then the Grand Army of the Republic was officially closed October 16, 1956, by the United States District Court in Washington, D.C., and the property mentioned in the various resolutions has been placed in Washington,in accordance with their wish.

My association with the Auxiliary, the Woman's Relief Corps, and the allied organization have been for the most part pleasant and the many friendships formed will be cherished forever. Without their confidence and assistance I never could have completed this work. I have tried at all times to be impartial, but sometimes the road has been rough, however my work is now ended with completion of this Journal. I trust I may always remember the honor that came to me and to my organization, The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, when I received this office. My thanks are extended to all who have been so kind to me through the years, and to our attorney, James H. Willett, who has always been willing to give advice, and who willingly reduced the amount of his account for the closing of the organization. The supplies,not wanted by the authorities in Washington, D.C., are being turned over to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War in accordance with the decree which was issued to them by the United States District Court.

Cora E. Gillis passed away in 1972.

Source: Final Journal of the Grand Army of the Republic 1866 - 1956
United States Government Printing Office, Washington, 1957

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