Rules of the Classroom - 1860

The following rules of the classroom are provided to share a look back at how things were and as a comparison as to how much our world has changed. There is a good chance you might actually wish for the "good old days!"

These rules are the classroom rules of Edward Hines, a part-time teacher and farmer in Owen County, Indiana. Edward enlisted in Company F of the 97th Indiana Infantry on August 13, 1862 and died on March 8, 1865.

The rules are copied here as written:

State of Indiana, Owen County, Jefferson Township School District No. 6. The following rules are intended to govern the present term of school taught in the above named district as follows to wit,

  1. the Scholars Shall be at the School room & ready to commence their studies by 15 minutes till nine O'clock in the morning

  2. they Shall enter the School room quietly, make a bow on entrance. Shall take their seat & keep the same till noon & the seat that they choose afternoon they shall keep till evening

  3. there Shall be no whispering, laughing, talking, making of crooked faces or anything in any shape or form that will disturb the school in time of books

  4. there Shall be no poping in and out at the door in time of books unless in cases of emergency

  5. there Shall be no lying, cursing or swearing, calling of names, fighting, wrestling, boxing, knocking off of hats or caps in time of play or at school but they Shall play agreeably, one with another - the girls by themselves and the boys by themselves

  6. One Scholar shall not usurp over another

  7. The Teacher Shall be Obeyed in all things keeping to the education Of his Pupils.

Edward Hines, Teacher
Abraham Slough, Jr., Director

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