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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Past National Encampment Report of
Commander-in-Chief David R. Medert

1996 - 115th National Encampment
Columbus, Ohio
August 9, 1996


On Saturday, April 20, 1996,assisted by Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Loomis, I installed the new Department of Tennessee at Jackson, Tennessee that was organized by Charles Yates. The new Department consists of three Camps.

On Saturday, May 18, 1996, I flew to Fort Myers, Florida and installed the new Department of Florida which was organized by Ronald Bair. The new Department consists of three Camps.

On July 13, 1996, assisted by Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Loomis, I installed the new Department of Missouri at St. Louis which was organized by Steve Leicht. This new department consists of four camps.

At this 115th Encampment I will issue the charter for the new Department of Kansas organized by Dean Speaks. This new Department consists of four Camps.

Brothers, the organization of four new Departments within one year has not been done in this organization in any of our lifetimes and a round of applause is due for these new Departments and those responsible for their organization.

The following accomplishments have been made during this administration.

I have taken part in 59 activities this year, traveled over 15,000 car miles, 4,475 air miles, 1,775 email messages handled, 795 mailings sent and received and over 351 to and from phone calls during the year. One hundred and sixteen members of our Brothers have been recognized this year for their service to the Order.

It has been an honor to serve as Commander-in-Chief during the past year and I wish to thank the membership for this opportunity. I especially want to thank all members of the National Staff for their dedication to the SUVCW. A successful year can only be accomplished through teamwork and dedication. I received 110 percent teamwork this past year.


Many old timers here remember when General Douglas McCarther retired from the military service. He addressed a combined Congress and made his now famous statement that “Old soldiers never die, the just fade away.” I’ve got news for you, this old soldier will not fade away but will serve the Order as long as I am able to do so.

David R. Medert

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