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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Past National Encampment Report of
Commander-in-Chief Allan W. Moore

1994 - 113th National Encampment
Lansing, Michigan

On August 15, 1993, at Portland, Maine, I was honored by this patriotic order by being elected and installed as Commander-in-Chief. I have considered it a real privilege, as well as challenge, to serve this organization during the past year. This has afforded me many opportunities to honor my great-great-grandfather that I would not have had otherwise. I have worked diligently to fulfill the responsibilities of this high office.

First, I wish to express my appreciation for the teamwork of the National Officers. It has been because of this cooperative effort that this organization has progressed as much as it has during my tenure. We are indebted to each National Officer for the splendid work that he has performed. Thank you very much, National Officers, for donating your time, expertise, and effort to perpetuate the memory of the “Boys in Blue.”

During the year I have received much correspondence from Brothers who have special concerns as well as from potential members inquiring about membership. I have responded promptly to every communication. I have written a total of 587 letters. Communication is vital to the success of our organization.

This year you have received five issues of the Banner containing a total of 80 pages. This is a significant increase over past years, and we commend the Editor for producing a national periodical of journalistic merit. I have advised the Editor to avoid articles of a controversial nature which might alienate any readers. We can now be proud of our national publication. The Banner mailing group is also to be commended for the many hours they have spent preparing the issues for mailing.

Not all decisions that I have had to make have been easy ones. Upon the request of one Department, I removed for cause the Department Secretary-Treasurer. Also, upon the request of one Department, I revoked the Charters of two Camps because of non-payment of per-capita tax. Such duties I did not enjoy; however, they became part of my responsibilities.

Our membership has risen to nearly 3,600 do to the recruitment advertising in national publications along with the diligent efforts of Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief David Medert in promptly following up on all inquiries from those ads. MAL Coordinator Doug Park is also to be commended for his splendid work. Both recruitment and retention are necessary for the survival and progress of our Order.

To date, I have signed Charter Applications for 19 new Camps in the states of Texas, Maine, Utah, Oklahoma, Michigan, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, and Virginia. At the present time, organizers are working in other states to establish new Camps and Departments. Such growth is indicative of a healthy organization.

This year, I have established two new awards, which I hope will motivate both individual members as well as Camps to strive for excellence in their work to promote the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic. The first is the Abraham Lincoln Commander-in-Chief Plaque, which is being awarded to the most outstanding Camp. The second is the Cornelius F. Whitehouse Plaque, which will be given to the most outstanding member. Both plaques will be held by the recipients for one year and then be given to next year’s award winners. I trust that these new awards will encourage more involvement in worthy projects among our membership.

I have appointed 34 Brothers as National Aides for recruiting three or more new members this year, and I have awarded Certificates of Merit to 16 Brothers for outstanding service to our Order.

This year I signed a contract with Turner Publishers to write, publish, and market a history of our organization, and I appointed Brother Gary Gibson as liaison with Turner Publishers. Much historical material has already been gathered for inclusion in our history. Brothers who possess historical material and photographs are urged to share them with the publisher.

One of my goals this year was to initiate a National Headquarters Fund, which I have done. As we look to the future, there is a dire need for a national headquarters, preferably in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, similar to those of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War (DUVCW) and Woman’s Relief Corps. We desperately need a repository for artifacts, historical material, and records as well as an office address that does not change every few years. I strongly urge my Brothers to donate to this worthy cause while living as well as making a provision in your will to insure a national headquarters.

Another achievement this year has been accomplished by the Program and Policies Committee. This committee is to be commended for the excellent job descriptions they have completed for Camps, Departments, and National Officers as well as suggested revisions in our application and other forms.

The following is a chronological list of activities I participated in and the duties I have performed as Commander-in-Chief 1993 - 1994:

In conclusion, I wish to thank the many Brothers who have been very cordial during my visits to their Camp and/or Department. I have been impressed by the strong leaders our organization has at all levels, and they are to be commended for the outstanding programs and activities conducted during the past year. The future of our organization is promising if we will put aside petty differences and biases and focus on the real purpose of our existence - to perpetuate the memory of those boys and men who served their nation to keep it united. We, too, must be united. May God bless each member and our Order during the ensuing years! I trust my service has been of value to you and to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. Thank you for this opportunity to be your leader.

Respectfully submitted in Fraternity, Charity and Loyality,
Allen W. Moore

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