Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
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Patriotic Instructor

The purpose of the office of Patriotic Instructor is to educate and provide Brothers and the general public with information that will help to foster patriotism among the membership and the populace in general.


Camp Patriotic Instructor . The activities of the Camp Patriotic Instructor should include: (1) Presenting at each Camp meeting information on such items as - (a) Civil War military, civilian and other great American leaders, (b) National and state holidays, (c) The United States Flag, (d) Duties of citizenship such as voting, (e) Great Civil War battles and battles of other wars, and (f) Great American artifacts and sites; (2) Providing public displays and orations on patriotism as called upon; (3) Providing awards of recognition to deserving individuals as deemed necessary or ordered by the Camp.

Department Patriotic Instructor. In addition to the duties of Camp Patriotic Instructor, the activities of the Department Patriotic Instructor should also include: (1) Sending information to each Camp Patriotic Instructor on topics which should be stressed at Camp meetings; (2) Writing items for the Department newsletter as desired by the Department Commander.

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Position description last updated August 2003