Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Department / Camp Job Descriptions

Recruiting Officer


The purpose of the Recruiting Officer is to provide a single point of contact for potential applicants to obtain information, forms, and assistance as well as to serve as a staff officer, reporting to the Junior Vice Commander, who will maintain membership recruiting and retention statistics.


Camp Recruiting Officer. There is no provision in the Order's Regulations for a Camp Recruiting Officer. However, Camps may establish such a position. The activities of the Camp Recruiting Officer should include: (1) providing the Commander and the Camp Council with advice and assistance on matters involving membership recruiting and retention; (2) establish recruiting booths at appropriate events and observances; (3) making necessary brochures, forms, and information available to potential applicants; (4) interviewing former members to ascertain real or imagined retention problems; (5) maintain contact with the Recruiting Officer at the higher levels of the organization; (6) establish and maintain an e-mail address for the Camp.

Department Recruiting Officer. The activities of the Department Recruiting Officer, if appointed, would include the same as described for the Camp Recruiting Officer but carried out at the Department level. In addition, he would provide assistance, where possible, to Camp Recruiting Officers and would maintain both e-mail and surface mail contact points for membership information from, and to the Department.

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Updated August 1999