Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Department / Camp Job Descriptions


The purpose of the office of Guard is to secure the door to the Camp or Department meeting and to admit only those Brothers and visitors who are qualified or entitled to enter.


Camp Guard . The activities of the Camp Guard should include: (1) Securing the door of the Camp meeting; (2) Checking dues receipts or cards of Brothers and admitting only qualified Brothers and authorized visitors; (3) Allowing no one to enter during the opening or closing of the Camp; (4) Allowing no one to enter during the initiation of candidates; (5) Becoming familiar with the duties of the office as set forth in the Order's Ritual and Ceremonials.

Department Guard. The activities of the Department Guard would be the same as those for the Camp Guard but are carried out at the annual Department Encampment.

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Position description last updated August 1999