Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Department / Camp Job Descriptions

Graves Registration Officer

The purpose of the Graves Registration Officer is to locate, record, ascertain the condition of and bring to the attention of proper authorities the need for repair or replacement of the grave markers/memorials of Civil War veterans buried in the jurisdiction of the Camp or Department.


Camp Graves Registration Officer . The activities of the Camp Graves Registration Officer should include: (1) Conducting an inventory of the cemeteries located within the confines the Camp's geographical boundaries and documenting the presence of Civil War veteran grave markers and memorials; (2) Bringing to the attention of appropriate governmental agencies the existence of grave markers/memorials in need of rehabilitation or replacement; (3) Assisting private parties and governmental agencies in the completion of applications for new federal grave markers for Civil War veterans; (4) Providing documentation of location and condition of Civil War veteran grave markers/memorials to the Department Graves Registration Officer.

Department Graves Registration Officer. The activities of the Department Graves Registration Officer would include the same as described for the Camp Graves Registration Officer but carried out on a Department level.

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Position description last updated August 2003