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These pages are designed for Candidates seeking election to SUVCW National offices


These pages will not imply an endorsement by the National Organization or the National elected officers for the candidacy of any Brother seeking national office.

Pages should include date, Department and Camp name, letter of intention, your eligibility for membership and a photo on the resume or bio page.  It is suggested that submission not exceed one page for each.

A review of each item will be required before items are placed on the website.  Please send to Brother James Pahl, PCinC in an electronic format at

Official Eligibilty Requirements:

To be eligible for election to the office of Commander-in-Chief, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief or Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief, a member must hold the rank of Past Department Commander and be a male lineal or co-lateral descendant of a person who served between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865, as a soldier or sailor of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Revenue-Cutter Service, or of such State regiments as were called into active service and were subject to orders of the United States general officers between the aforementioned dates and were honorable discharged there from or died in such service.


Job Description

Tad D. Campbell, PDC

Department of California and Pacific


Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief
Job Description


Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief
Job Description


National Council of Adminstration
Job Description

Don Martin - Department of Ohio


National Treasurer
Job Description


National Secretary
Job Description


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