The Woman’s Relief Corps Badge

The Woman’s Relief Corps Badge is a Maltese Cross attached to a bar pin with a red, white and blue ribbon.

The center holds the American Flag, and is encircled in a wreath of stars, depicting five outstanding figures:

          a. Goddess of Liberty
          b. Soldier
          c. Boy
          d. Woman
          e. Child

The Soldier symbolizes Fraternity because the Comrades created their organization as their Auxiliary in 1883. The Boy is emblematic of the youth and strength of the future life of the Nation.

The Woman is emblematic of motherhood, the very source of all civilization throughout the world. She has taught mercy, kindness, and has extended Charity from the beginning of time.

The Child is emblematic of the hope of the world, with our patriotic teachings of Loyalty to the nation's laws and principles, with Freedom and Justice for future generations yet unborn.

The Bar pin holding the red white and blue ribbon is engraved with the F C L initials as a reminder of their motto:

Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty

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