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LGAR Store & Supplies

National Ways & Means Fundraisers
Ritual Covers

Keep your ritual clean and protected with this patriotic cover.
$15 plus $2 shipping
Make checks payable to:

LGAR National Organization

and send orders sent to:

Treasurer Elizabeth Rock
68 W Marion St
Doylestown, OH 44230

Pets for Vets®
Dog Tags

Make a $5 donation payable to

LGAR National Organization

to be used for the support of our National Project.


The National Brochure is available here.

Supplies can be ordered from the National Treasurer ElizabethRock by mailing requests to 68 West Marion St., Doylestown, OH 44230
or by email at octagonlr@aol.com

Checks should be made payable to "National Organization, L.G.A.R."

Supplies Price List
Application Blanks (available via download as well)
Memebrship Badges, New
Memebrship Badges, Antique (limited supply)
 $ 50.00
 $ 3.00
Constitution and Bylaws
 $ 5.00
Receipt Books
 $ 1.50
Warrant Books
 $ 1.75
Membership Cards
 $ 0.10
Honorable Discharge Cards
 $ 0.10
Transfer Cards
 $ 0.10
Charter Application
 $ 25.00
Charter Replacement
 $ 25.00
Past Circle President Pin (out of stock)
 $ 30.00
Past Department President Pin (out of stock)
Recognition Pin (out of stock)
 $ 20.00
Replacement Ribbons for Badges (three stripe)(oos)
 $ 0.15
Flag Ribbon for Badges (out of stock)
 $ TBA
Organization Pamphlets 24 brochures (shipping)
$ 6.00
Music and Words from Ode Card
 $ 1.50


Please contact National Treasurer for shipping cost prior to submitting your order.

*For tax deductibility please consult your tax professional.

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