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LGAR Headquarters

After many attempts at obtaining a National Headquarters for at least 100 years now, we can now call the MilitaryMuseum on the campus of the Ohio Veteran’s Home our new “Headquarters.”  The Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic has had a long and close association at this location.  Well into the 1920’s the annual appointment of an “Entertainment Committee” was made to participate in all holidays and special events.  At least one visit was made yearly by our Ohio Department President to present gifts of cash as well as donations of thousands of items.  On June 2, 1922 the General M.F. Force Circle #86, LGAR was instituted at the home, and in April 1976 we instituted the Robert Burns Brown Circle #103, thus recognizing the two men most influential in establishing the Ohio Veteran’s Home.  We were honored to include Commander Brown’s daughter, Margaret Brown Kearney, as a member of our organization.  Over the years we have left visual evidence of our support in the form of such things as the 1930 pillar at the entrance gate, the bandstand, and a bronze plague presented on the occasion of the home’s 50th anniversary in 1938.

The LGAR Headquarters room is patterned from a late 1880’s LGAR meeting room, which was/is based upon the original Grand Army of the Republic meeting rooms, with stations for the Altar, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Chaplain, Patriotic Instructor and head table (desk) for the President, Secretary & Treasurer.  The stations on loan in the room are from an original G.A.R. Hall.  Other furniture pieces in the room include locking display cases and book shelves, file cabinets of archival material that consists of genealogy for all LGAR members detailing their Civil War Veteran that they joined under, and original chairs that came from the LGAR Swissvale, PA Veteran’s Home.   Additional items include pictures from 1881 to present of LGAR Officers & members, a display of badges used through the decades, framed charters, photo albums and scrap books, a collection of proceedings from 1881 to present, original dyes & stamps and an original set of the “Bugle Call” our national newsletter, and much more.  It is the intent of local members in Ohio to participate at the Museum when there are special events/weekends, to be present during any Civil War Living History weekends, and to assist visitors with questions, genealogy assistance or education.

Ohio Veterans Home, Military Museum, LGAR National Headquarters
3416 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, OH 44870
Call first for museum hours 419-625-2457 x1447 or contact the Headquarters Committee to arrange a tour

PNP Lynne Bury
10095 Wadsworth Rd,
Marshallville, OH 44645
Elizabeth Rock
68 W. Marion St,
Doylestown, OH 44230
Kathy Twigg
368 Heritage Ave.
Canal Fulton, OH 44614

We are so excited to announce
the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic is now a proud supporter of

Pets for Vets®
A National Nonprofit Organization dedicated to providing a second chance for shelter dogs by rescuing, training, and matching them with American Veterans who need a companion pet. More information on how you or your Circle can help will be available soon! If you would like to learn more about this wonderful organization, please visit the website below.

Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic
134th National Convention
August 6-8, 2020


Meet the National President

Judy Baron

I was born in Washington D.C. and then grew up in Arlington Heights, Ill. I then moved with my family ( Father, Mother, sister) to Kenton County ( Edgewood) Kentucky in 1954. I attended Dixie Heights High School graduating in 1963.

  • Attended George Peabody College for Teachers ( Now part of Vanderbilt University) 1963-1964
  • Attended Western Kentucky University 1964-1969--received a BA in education.
  • Taught first grade for about 6 weeks and decided teaching was Not my thing.
  • Attended Western Kentucky University for 1969-1970, and received a BA in Library Science.
  • Worked at the Louisville Free Library( Louisville, Kentucky) from 1970-1973
  • Worked at the Kenton County Library( Covington, Kentucky) from 1973-1975
  • Worked at the Kentucky Department For Libraries and Archives, in the Talking Book Library as a Reader's Advisor. 1975-199
  • Retired in 1999 and moved to Colorado and enjoyed the scenery, but had trouble walking and climbing stairs up to my second floor condo.1999-2006

I then Moved to Northern Ohio to be near my sister. Got interested in genealogy and doing some history into my family found out I could join several lineage organizations. I found out I had relatives back as far as the 1680's, so I joined the Daughters of the American Colonists (must have a relative in America before 1699).Colonial Dames of the Seventeen Century, Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters of the War of 1812, (which I organized a new chapter) , Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War (1861-1865), and Ladies of the Grand Army of The Republic 2007. In Jan of 2018 I moved to West Des Moines to be a facility where if I fell or some knew when I got hurt someone would find me in several hours, not several days. I had fallen several times in Ohio, and I have two knee replacements. In October 2018 I had visited my cousin and aunt who lived in a community that has independent living, assisted living, and even a nursing area. They had us have a physical and that is when they found out I had a heart condition. So before I moved out here the doctors put in a pace maker, and I am doing very well. My hobbies are: genealogy, quilting, and reading.

My ancestor that I joined the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic through, was Pvt. Amos Crane. He was age 29 when he enlisted on October 3, 1862 at Balllville Twp (near present day Fremont Ohio), Sandusky County, Ohio. Amos was in the 72nd OVI Co F for three years and was a private that died of disease on April 25, 1865 in A Field Hospital near Sand Ridge, Alabama. He had two brothers who served on the Union Side in the Civil War--Ira, and Joel. Ira was captured and sent to Andersonville, and released April 27, 1865, and died on board the Streamer " Sultana" which blew up near Memphis Tennessee, on the Mississippi River going home. Amos fought in the Battles of Shiloh, and Corinth, Central Mississippi Railroad, and the Battle of Vicksburg, and the Seige of Jacksonville He was under at one time Ulysses Grant . He was connected with the Army corp of Engineers, Battle of the Cumberland.

I come from a long line of Veterans who fought to keep us safe and free, From the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Spain and American War, and both of my grandfather’s fought in World War 1, and my father in World War 11-( the War to end all wars). Since my paternal grandparents had two daughters, and my father, there were no more sons on his side. My maternal grandparents had five daughters; there were no more sons on her side. Since I am the last living direct descendent on both sides of my family, I feel it is very important to finish and make sure my family tree is complete for both the Hamlin, and Baron sides of the family.

In the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic I have held offices in the Margaret M. Orr Circle #105, and the Department of Ohio as, Chaplain, Patriotic Instructor, and President. I have also held the National offices of Chaplain (2016), Patriotic Instructor (2017), Junior Vice President (2018), finished the 2018-2019 Presidential term, and was elected National president (2019-2020).

Forms and Report Blanks

Below you will find several links for the Report Blanks that are necessary for the organization as a whole. If there are any questions or concerns please contact the National Secretary.

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