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Membership Eligibility Requirements

Due to the deep history of the organization, there are eligibility requirements.  Any female blood kin relative 10 years of age or older, of an honorably discharged Union soldier, Sailor, or Marine of the Civil War 1861-1865, as well as ex-army Nurses, are eligible for membership.  Most importantly, however, is the desire to honor the past through education and preservation.

Dues are subject to the Circle (or local group) in which you are joining.  Application paperwork accompanying your dues should be sent to the Circle Secretary.   A Circle near you can be found on the “Roster” page under each Department (state) that has active membership.

Get Application here.

If no Circle or local group can be found in your area, join as a Member-at-Large Dues for Members-at-Large are $20.00 per year.  An application fee of $25 should be sent with application paperwork to the National Membership-At-Large Coordinator, Janice Corfman.  This application fee covers the cost of processing, paperwork, first year’s dues, and a copy of both the ritual and rules and regulations. Membership Badges are optional for an additional $50.


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