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National Canadian Union Veteran's Monument Project

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This past year at the 2009 National Encampment, a new National Committee was empowered to honor the memories of the 29 Medal of Honor Recipients, nearly 5,000 dead, 4 Generals and the 50,000 plus Union Veterans of the Civil War whom were Canadian Nationals. Their names have gone down in history, but are not forgotten.
            We are the National, Canadian Union Veterans Recognition Monument Committee. This project is to seek the Erection of a Monument to be placed in Canada in graditude to her Canadian Sons who volunteered in service to our Union during our Great Civil War.

            Lest we forget, On Armistice Day, November 11th, 1927, at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, the Dominion of Canada unveiled their monument to the thirty-five thousand U.S. citizens who joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during World War I. To this magnificent memorial, the names of an additional thirty-thousand Americans who streamed North to don the uniforms of Canada's military in World War II and the Korean War have been added by the grateful people of the Dominion of Canada.

            Eventually with enough raised support through Resolutions throughout the Union, Fellow Allied Orders, Like minded organizations and through enough fundraising we will seek to petition the US Government to sponsor this Monument with eventual placement in the Southern Ontario Province of Canada.

            Let us not forget the Canadian Boys in Blue, It is time that this situation be rectified, and we can help. Support this project for a monument to be erected on Canadian soil by this nation to honor the centuries-old commitments between our two nations and the sacrifices made by Canadians in our own Civil War.

            How Can You Help?
We need your State and your Congressmen and SUV Departments Support via Resolution, and most importantly of all your Donations.
All of your support counts.

We are requesting the Department Commanders of each Department that they provide to us a formal Resolution from each of their individual Departments endorsing the project.  Any questions as to wording can be sent directly to me and I shall be happy to provide examples from those Departments (six of the twenty-nine in the Order) that have already provided theirs.  Once all have endorsed the project I shall be taking the matter to the United States House and Senate through our Iowa delegations for potential federal funding and/or endorsement of the project.


            If you can help, Please snail mail and make your Donations Payable to:
Canadian Union Veterans Monument” National Treasurer-SUVCW
Richard D. Orr, PCinC, 153 Connie Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15214-1251.

            To Send your Resolutions of Support Please Snail Mail to:
Canadian Union Veterans Recognition Monument Committee
Attn: Committee Chairman David M. Lamb, 6350 NW 106th Street # 315, Johnston, Iowa 50131.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact Committee Chairman David M. Lamb
Via email:  or telephone: (515) 986-4825.


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